2018 Project Review:

CalderHill have new projects in Scotland, Switzerland and Germany to add to the visual library:



Drei wichtige Fabrikgebäude:

CalderHill are working on concepts for the renovation of three culturally significant German factories.

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CH Model workshop gets vacuumed:



Three Houses, Zurich:

CalderHill are working on designs for three separate houses on a single site in Switzerland.

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Historic Mill, Caithness, Scotland:

CalderHill are transforming a building of cultural significance into an exhibition space for a photographer.

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Holiday pods, Caithness, Scotland:

CalderHill are assisting with the development of holiday accommodation for the diversification of a highland farm.



Meal Mill, Caithness, Scotland:

CalderHill have undertaken a photographic survey of a redundant meal mill, located close to the most Northerly point of mainland Britain.

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Concept Designs:

CalderHill are using a range of media including digital and physical modelling, sketching and painting to explore concepts on a number of early stage design projects.

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Art Gallery Concept Design:

CalderHill are assisting with early stage client advice on a significant cultural building in Scotland.



Exhibition – Modular House, Caithness, Scotland:

CalderHill’s modular house model is on display at the RIAS ‘mini city’ exhibition in Inverness (11.17).



Modular House, Caithness, Scotland:

CalderHill are developing concepts for a Modular house in the Highlands of Scotland, adjacent to a culturally significant Victorian village hall.



Greenwich 03, London, UK:

CalderHill have been commissioned to progress the substantial alteration and extension of a Victorian house in Greenwich, London.



Elmfield Park, Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK:

CalderHill have gained planning permission for the substantial alteration of a 1930s house in Newcastle, including double height living spaces and a glazed colonnade.



Romsey Causeway, Portsmouth, UK:

CalderHill have prepared a full planning submission for this listed building, including proposals for a double height kitchen and living space.